Session 25: Madchild

Co-founder of Swollen Members and an initiate in The Rock Steady Crew, Madchild is a rapper's rapper: a true hip hop artist. This underground MC from BC hustled his way to the top before an addiction took him to rock bottom. Madchild survived, thrives and tells his story as only he can with valuable insight on failure, hard-work and ingenuity. We discuss the business of having fans (Madchild breaks down Insane Clown Posse's Juggalos) and he shares tattoo regrets, the questionable means by which he financed his debut album, the riches of a 50/50 deal and the good & bad of befriending the Hells Angels.


Darren Rose Radio - Inside Radio & Records is an unrestricted conversation series featuring artists, producers, managers, DJs, record execs, and other industry players offering perspective on their career and the music business. This is far from your typical radio interview - no edits, no time limit, no sound bites, and no censorship just entertaining, fresh, and insightful conversations with music industry pros.

Over the last 15 years, the music industry has seen more changes than any other time in history. One of those changes is the near extinction of the long-form interview. Enter Darren Rose Radio, a chance to connect and understand the business from artists and industry insiders far beyond their social networks.

Radio & records have been a constant in the life of Darren Rose since the days he would spin the family albums on his Fisher Price record player. Born and raised in Seattle, he was surrounded in that historic music city by great Rock radio stations like KXRX, KZOK, KNND and KISW: all pushed the boundaries while connecting music to the masses. Inspired, Rose set sights on being that voice connecting the music to the masses.

His radio journey began in the late 90’s just out of college. He found his first on-air gig as an overnight jock at a low signal station south of Seattle (89.9 KGRG). Over 10,000 on-mic hours later, Rose had amassed a weekly audience of a million in Los Angeles at 98.7 KYSR. A good chunk of those thousands of hours on mic were spent interviewing everyone from Rock stars and Rap stars to Pop stars and Porn stars as well as actors, comedians, corporate execs and everyone in-between. With his laid back attitude and ability for digging deep and pressing the issues he gained a reputation for always delivering entertaining and unique interviews.

  John Ivey Todd Sievers The Filthy Souls
  Ras MG The Mowgli's  Meg Myers
  Trina Green Dave Krusen Joe Sib
  Slaine Noah Engh Chris Null of Dead Sara
 The Last Internationale   Matt Skiba Uli Bella of Ozomatli

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